Attorney Questions Integrity of Testimony Given By NFL Commissioner

Posted February 20th, 2008 by RetiredPlayers

RetiredPlayers.Org recently received the following message via email:


As you are aware, the NFL management council and NFLPA announced last June – just before the Congressional hearing that the Bell/Rozelle Plan agreed to adopt “Social Security disability standards” to help streamline disability applications.  Dennis Curran and Doug Ell then testified to that effect; and at the Senate hearing in September, Roger Goodell testified that these standards had been applied in applicable cases.

It’s just another scam.

They have not yet adopted or applied any Social Security standards, and heaven only knows if and when they might.

I have written numerous letters requesting information on this issue to everyone from the NFL’s media guy, to Curran, Ell and Sarah Gaunt.  No replies.

Today, one of the former NFL players I am advising – who is currently on Social Security disability – told me that Paul Scott told him yesterday that no Social Security standards have yet been adopted, and he doesn’t know what they are doing in that regard, nor when any such guidelines may be adopted.  He was told that perhaps there would be some news after the next full retirement board meeting in April. (Probably just to put him off.)  This former player’s claim is on hold in the meantime, and Scott told him that “…his desk was piling up with other cases (in the same situation)…”

These guys should be cited for contempt of Congress!

In any event, I wanted to pass this along for you to disseminate if and as you see fit.

Best regards,

John Hogan

Disability Law Attorney

The relevant testimony of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFL Senior Vice President Dennis Curran, and Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan Counsel Doug Ell regarding the application of the Social Security standard to NFL disability claims may be viewed by clicking on each of their names.

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