NY Times: Baseball Has Lessons for N.F.L. Players Union

Posted November 21st, 2008 by RetiredPlayers

New York Times writer William Rhoden has written an article about the NFLPA’s search for a new executive director.  Earlier this week Rhoden interviewed Marvin Miller, the man who built the Major League Baseball Players Association into what is considered one of the strongest labor unions in the United States.  Miller was able to convince baseball players that “they were the game and that their power was in their unshakable unity.”

Miller says baseball players “were used to taking orders; they thought that management was God. I had to explain to them that all of these people — the commissioner, the owners, the general managers, the manager — they were all on the other side.”

The author of the article urges the NFLPA Executive Committee members to speak with Miller and his MLBPA successor, Donald Fehr, before selecting a new NFLPA executive director.

To read the full text of the article click HERE.

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